Young Stars from Mercedes-Benz

Our best pre-owned vehicles.


A Young Star is a Mercedes-Benz in its best state. Therefore, Young Stars have to pass a strict pre-owned vehicle check successfully. The MOT-acceptance and emission tests must not date back longer than three months. The next maintenance may only become due after 6 months. The head of the service station and the sales consultant approve the impeccable state of the vehicle with a signature on the certification documnet of your used approved car.

10 days conversion rights

10 days conversion rights, without declaration of reasons, starting from the moment of signing of the sales contract.
(During exertion of the conversion rights another vehicle has to be bought out of the stock/inventory of the supplying trader.)

24 months pre-owned vehicle guarantee

24 months Europe-wide protection with an insurance close to a standard of new vehicle guarantee.
Please inquire the exact terms of guarantee from the offer at your Young Star sales consultant.

  • quick and competent repair by a specialised Mercedes-Benz enterprise with Mercedes-Benz original parts
  • in case of a private disposal the guarantee can be demised to the next owner
  • further attachment guarantees can be booked additionally
Test drive within 24 hours

Simply submit your driving licence
to test-drive your favoured Mercedes-Benz.

  • constant provision of a great number of vehicles
  • test drive with your desired model within 24 hours possible
12 months mobility guarantee

12 months mobility guarantee

  • passenger transportation via taxi (up to max. EUR 65,-), train or plane (Please inquire the exact bid terms at the Young Star partner of your trust.)
  • quick breakdown- or start on-site help by our mobile service
  • option to a replacement vehicle for the repair duration (max. three workdays)
  • return transport of your vehicle from the site of the breakdown in case of prolonged reparations (Germany and Europe-wide)
  • in case of accidents/vandalism overseas: organisation of a legal advisor/representative

Your Mercedes-Benz partner gladly checks your current vehicle and provides you with an offer for the trade-in.

Guaranteed mileage

We test the mileage for you, based on the present vehicle history, the digital maintenance booklet as well as further checkpoints.

General inspection/emission test

The general inspection/emission test seal
is younger than 3 months.


Freedom from maintenance for at least 6 months
(up to 7500 km).

Lease and finance

Attractive financial-, leasing- and insurance-offers.